Who we are

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Samer was born in 1981 as a SAUER-SUNDSTRAND distributor, and as a service company and representative of hydraulic components.

Our main activity takes place in the design and supply of hydraulic systems both in closed and open circuits. Many years of experience puts us in Italy and Europe in the high-tech hydraulic system sector, making use of our own staff and offering a complete and unique service: design, construction, assembly, and scheduled testing and maintenance for hydraulic systems.


SAMER srl participated in the design of prototype machines and, subsequently, as standard with dozens of manufacturers of machines for construction, agriculture, waste recycling plants, marine plants, industry, oil and gas chemistry and engineering.

Our company has created a study for the sizing of mechanical-hydraulic systems according to customer specifications, offering Commissioning and final testing of the system as an integrated service.

What we do

SAMER s.r.l. it is the official Reggiana Riduttori distributor and distributor of the main products offered, world leaders in the hydraulic sector, and our in-depth knowledge of all product sectors of specific machines allows us to be one of the most established and recognized companies on the market.

The relationship with customers and suppliers is based above all on a careful and fruitful collaboration and on the seriousness that is expressed in the continuity of the search for technologically advanced solutions.

We can offer customized solutions based on customer needs.

A single interlocutor for the definition of the hydraulic scheme, of the machinery management software, testing and assistance. In order to always have the total satisfaction of its customers as its goal, a large and assorted warehouse of hydrostatic units, proportional load sensing distributors and various hydraulic and electronic components has been set up.

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