Products and services

SAMER srl is present in various sectors of hydraulics.
SAMER srl offers highly specialized technical customers, and an EXCLUSIVELY ORIGINAL Danfoss spare parts warehouse.
A vast availability of domestic and foreign pumps, motors, distributors and valves usually available in stock allow us to intervene and minimize any downtime.


Danfoss Power Solutions designs, manufactures and markets hydraulic and electronic systems and components designed primarily for mobile, industrial, marine, oil & gas applications. Previously known as Sundstrand, Sauer Getriebe, Sauer-Sundstrand.


Software & Electronic Components. Our PLUS + 1® controllers are fully programmable with our easy-to-learn GUIDE PLUS + 1® software. In addition, customizable joysticks, displays, radio controls that thanks to their robust design, withstand the most difficult conditions that your machine has to face.

Turolla OCG

Turolla OCG, division of Danfoss Power Solutions, designs, manufactures and supplies superior quality gear pumps since 1948. Turolla OCG gear pumps are robust and reliable. They are the ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from small and medium to large off-road vehicles, as well as for industrial applications. The pressure balanced design, ensuring the sealing pressure, automatically adapts to the operating conditions for better overall efficiency and minimum energy losses. Modular and short versions of multistage units for high flexibility and compactness.

Reggiana Riduttori

Company born in 1973 manufacturer of planetary gearboxes, for slewing gearboxes, drive wheels, parallel shaft gearboxes and negative brakes entirely Made in Italy. Main products: Linear and angular modular planetary gearboxes, Single, double and triple stage drive wheels, Brakes,slewing gearboxes, Winch gearboxes, Parallel shaft gearboxes, combined orthogonal and inline axes.

PMP Fluid Power Division

PMH piston pumps and motors models are entirely designed and manufactured by PMP: this vertical integration allows full control of the production processes to support our customers in today's market conditions. Samer srl offers high pressure pumps and motors for a wide range of mobile applications. Complete systems, combining PMH hydraulic transmissions with the mechanical products of the Power Transmission division, making PMP a unique partner for many sectors.

Hydro Leduc

Hydro Leduc Leduc, a French company founded in 1938, deals with the production and sale of hydraulic products with high precision in mechanical tolerances. The company produces: constant and variable displacement piston pumps and motors, pressure accumulators, micro-dynamics.

UFI Filters Hydraulic Division and Sofima Filters Hydraulic

UFI FILTERS Hydraulic Division and SOFIMA FILTERS Hydraulic are the brands of the UFI Group dedicated to the hydraulic sector since 1992, unified. UFI respects the maximum protection requirements of the hydraulic system with high efficiency and constant stability, using high quality materials and fibers, in line with market and technology requirements. Contamination control in hydraulic systems is a very vast and complex matter. Samer is at your disposal for further information.


Emmegi S.p.A. is a specialized Italian company, which operates in the hydraulic sector as a manufacturer of heat exchangers, used in the sectors of industrial machinery, mobile machines, air compressors, endothermic engines and also of hydraulic and hydraulic systems in general.


Service specialized in technical assistance and maintenance of hydraulic systems thanks to its technicians, sector professionals with many years of experience, able to intervene on site promptly on hydraulic systems of any type and installed power, and also solve the most critical situations of plant shutdown.

Service sectors

  • Building furniture
  • Presse
  • Light and heavy industry
  • Construction site
  • Railway armament
  • Ship and shipyard plants
  • Oil & Gas
  • Hydraulic power plants
  • Testing centers
  • Shredders and grinders
  • Excavators
  • Self-propelled Unifeed for breeding
  • Amusement park ridesdivertimenti
  • ...and much more