Assistance and repair

Service specialized in technical assistance and maintenance of hydraulic systems thanks to its technicians, professionals of the sector with many years of experience, able to intervene on site promptly on hydraulic systems of any type and installed power, and also solve the most critical situations of plant shutdown.

Development of systems with dedicated software

SAMER develops and markets complete machine systems according to customer specifications. The process is divided into six fundamental points:

  • Analysis:
    this activity aims to collect all the requirements that must be met from hardware to software.
  • Design:
    this activity aims to define all the technical directives that must be followed by the designers during the construction phase.
  • Realization:
    this is the actual writing activity. The classic programmer activities are included in this phase (hydraulic and electrical diagram, coding, assembly and compilation).
  • Software test:
    all parts of the software are assembled and tested together to check if what has been achieved exactly meets the requirements collected during the analysis phase.
  • Release:
    the program is published and therefore it is ready to be installed on the machine.
  • Testing:
    A final test is carried out on the machine.

SAMER Srl uses the electronic components and controllers produced by Danfoss to develop its systems.

The software used is Plus + 1 GUIDE. This guarantees a very high reliability and quality of the final product.

However, we would like to clarify that not all the product range is binding, but other types of components requested by the customer can also be implemented in our systems.

This is to have the maximum integration of the systems installed on the machine.